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The goal for this publication is to emphasize the contrast between a witty communication in advertising and one that is not. The big idea is to show that using unexpected images, a witty communication, in a clean water advertising campaign is more compelling in communicating its intended message because the unexpected component is more memorable and meaningful than using expected images. Expected Image Water Campaign posters with expected images use a denotative and straight communication to the audience. The intended message is not usually vague or ambiguous to understand. Images and the headlines are pretty straightforward, clear, and concise. Unexpected Image The designs that have unexpected with have the most impact of all the clean drinking water campaign posters compared to the ones with a straight communication. Solution: The best way of communicating messages in advertising awareness campaigns is to offer something that intrigues and make the viewer curious. A witty communication demands an active recipient because it its persuasive and alert.

Clean Drinking Water Campaign Posters with Unexpected Images
Clean Drinking Water Campaign Posters with Expected Images
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